Why ReChoc

Polyphenol levels in the systemic circulation system


RESVERATROL is a polyphenol (a compound with strong antioxidant properties) found primarily in the skins of dark fruits, such as grapes – which is why red wine is widely known for its health benefits. It is postulated to be an important nutrient of the Mediterranean Diet as well as a crucial factor in what is known as the French Paradox – both of which are the subject of intensive ongoing scientific research in the field of wellbeing and longevity.

In human tests, the level of resveratrol in the blood after eating 10g of ReChoc was comparable to drinking 2 glasses of high resveratrol red wine (e.g. Pinot Noir or Red Burgundy).

Why Dark Chocolate?

Epicatechins are polyphenols directly correlated to the health benefits of cacao consumption. However, the bioavailability of these elements is often significantly reduced due to the high temperatures required during the production of regular dark chocolate.

ReChoc’s patented fortification technology ensures optimal delivery and bioavailability of polyphenols. Clinical trials have confirmed that high levels of resveratrol and epicatechins are detected in the systemic circulatory system after eating just a single 10g bar (40 calories); the levels of polyphenols measured were equal that of a 300-calorie dark chocolate bar.

Why ReChoc?

Polyphenols are crucial ingredients of foods known for their nutritional and strong antioxidant benefits, particularly present in fruits and vegetables. ReChoc has been tested by Cambridge scientists in human studies that confirmed:

  • Unmatched bioavailability and bioactivity levels of polyphenols
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Promotes healthy blood glucose levels
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduces oxidative stress (the main cause of aging)
  • Supports mitochondrial metabolism or “muscle repair”


ReChoc is recommended as a daily source of polyphenols in a convenient, delicious and effective format.